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Book a medical transport.

If your loved ones with limited mobility need support with the commute, we are ready to help. Book a medical transport for a non-emergency situation

Each year, about 10% of 995 calls are non-emergencies, an average of 50 calls a day.

These 995 calls could have delayed Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) response to life-threatening emergencies, where every second counts. SCDF (995) Ambulance services should be activated for medical emergencies to the nearest hospital. Since April 2017, the SCDF has decided to stop ferrying non-emergency cases to hospitals.

Ezra Healthcare is an option in case you need a non-emergency ambulance. 

Private medical transport is ideal for non-emergency cases that still require medical attention. This may include bedridden patients, patients with limited capacity for movement, patients that are unable to travel with conventional transport, and especially for patients that are discharged from hospitals or institutions but still face mobility challenges. The trip includes a certified medical professional that accompanies and monitors the patient’s condition throughout the trip. 

These patients can now access medical care and travel safely with the necessary medical equipment to and fro nursing home, hospital, and home, fuss-free.

Medical Transport Service or

Wheelchair Transport Service

Our team can transport you for

  • Slight Abdominal or Chronic Pain

  • Medical appointment

  • Dialysis or Therapy treatment

  • Hospital discharge

  • Hospital transfer

  • Non-Emergency to A&E  (choice of hospital)

  • Psychiatric Transport

  • Personal Trips to Social Events

  • To and Fro airport/seaport

(Non-emergency Ambulance)

Cross-Border Medical Transport Service

Malaysia to Singapore and Vice Versa

Price List

Service Charges

Weekdays (8.30AM - 5.30PM)
Weekends (8.30AM - 1.00PM)

Weekdays (After 5.30PM)
Weekends (After 1.00PM)

1 - Way 

2 - Way 

From $72

From $127

From $150

From $200

*Additional charges will apply for e.g. maternity escort, psychiatric escort, extra manpower (for weights > 85kg, presence of stairs) and/or oxygen usage/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required.
**Cancellation (2hours before Arrival) - 25%, Cancellation (On Arrival) - 50% 
***GST will apply.

CHAS Subsidies

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  • What are medical emergency cases?
    Medical emergencies includes but is not limited to Cardiac Arrest, Seizures, Shortness of breathe, Loss of consciousness, Sudden weakness, Stroke, Chest pain and severe abdominal pain. For such emergency cases, please contact 995 directly. Ezra Healthcare only provides non-emergency ambulances.
  • What is considered non-emergency?
    Non-emergency cases are those that may not require immediate intervention such as toothaches, diarrhoea, coughs and headaches. Ezra Healthcare can help you with your needs. Please refer to our schedule of rates below.
  • I need someone to escort my mum/dad to medical check up. Do you provide patient escort services?
    Yes, we do provide different types of patient escort services, nursing or healthcare assistance. Please contact us.
  • Why would a private ambulance/medical transport be called?
    Private ambulance/medical transport are ideal for non-emergency cases that still require medical attention especially for those who are bedridden, have limited capacity for movement, required support equipment such as oxygen during transport, unable to travel with conventional transport and for patients who are discharged from hospitals or institutions but still face mobility challenges. Ezra Healthcare provides non-emergency medical transport for a safe mode of transportation to and fro medical and dialysis appointments, treatment facilities, rehabilitation therapy, and for hospital discharge and admission, all while accompanied by trained medical professionals, social events and with the necessary equipment.
  • Do we provide non-emergency medical transport services after operating hours?
    Yes we do. Please call us or refer to our schedule of rates below for more information. Additional fees may apply.
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