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Getting Around With Care

Ezra Healthcare Non-Emergency Medical Transport

We provide reliable medical transportation for patients requiring assistance traveling to essential appointments, treatments, facilities, and events in the community.


Our comfortable, wheelchair-accessible vehicles and trained staff make transportation easy and stress-free - so you can save energy for recovery.

Our Transport Options include:

  • Non-Emergency Transports to A&E Departments

  • Hospital and Clinic Outpatient Visits

  • Inpatient Transfers Between Facilities

  • Discharges to Home/Step-Down Care

  • Dialysis and Cancer Care Treatments

  • Physical Rehabilitation and Therapy

  • Transport to Community Events/Gatherings

By choosing Ezra Healthcare, you opt for personalized care that upholds dignity while providing stability and the freedom to focus on healing.

Affordable & Timely Coverage, Wherever You Go

We pride ourselves with the resources to reach you affordably. Patient subsidies are also available thanks to our compassion sponsors. 

Trusted Care,
Wherever You Go

We diligently sanitize our vehicles after each transport and comply with strict medical protocols. 

Price List

1. Additional charges will apply for e.g. maternity escort, psychiatric escort, extra manpower (for weights > 85kg, presence of stairs) and/or oxygen usage/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is required.
2. Cancellation (2hours before Arrival) - 25%, Cancellation (On Arrival) - 50% 
3. GST will apply.

Service Charges

Weekdays (8.30AM - 5.30PM)
Weekends (8.30AM - 1.00PM)

Weekdays (After 5.30PM)
Weekends (After 1.00PM)

1 Way

From $ 72

From $150

2 Way

From $127

From $200

  • Medical emergencies includes but is not limited to Cardiac Arrest, Seizures, Shortness of breathe, Loss of consciousness, Sudden weakness, Stroke, Chest pain and severe abdominal pain. For such emergency cases, please contact 995 directly. Ezra Healthcare only provides non-emergency ambulances.

  • Non-emergency cases are those that may not require immediate intervention such as toothaches, diarrhoea, coughs and headaches.


    Ezra Healthcare can help you with your needs. Please refer to our schedule of rates below.

  • Yes, we do provide different types of patient escort services, nursing or healthcare assistance. Please contact us to find out more.

  • Private ambulance/medical transport are ideal for non-emergency cases that still require medical attention especially for those who are bedridden, have limited capacity for movement, required support equipment such as oxygen during transport, unable to travel with conventional transport and for patients who are discharged from hospitals or institutions but still face mobility challenges.


    Ezra Healthcare provides non-emergency medical transport for a safe mode of transportation to and fro medical and dialysis appointments, treatment facilities, rehabilitation therapy, and for hospital discharge and admission, all while accompanied by trained medical professionals, social events and with the necessary equipment.

  • Yes we do. Please call us or refer to our schedule of rates below for more information. Additional fees may apply.

Top Questions Asked

Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) Subsidies

We are proud to support the Singapore government’s Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) by subsidizing our non-emergency medical transport services for eligible patients.

As a CHAS-supporting healthcare provider, Ezra Healthcare offers reduced rates for patients holding valid CHAS cards who require mobility assistance traveling to and from CHAS clinic appointments.

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