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Supporters Who Share Our Vision

Ezra Healthcare Sponsors

Our service delivery depends not just on our compassionate teams on the ground, but generous sponsors behind the scenes who invest in our vision.

Funds will allow us to take healthcare assistance even further through programs like:

  • Subsidized Transport for Lower-Income Families

  • Expanded Home Care Visits for Elderly

  • New Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles

  • Emergency First Aid Training in Schools

  • Self-Care Education for Chronic Conditions

  • Assistance Devices for Home Recovery

We value our individual/corporate sponsors and nonprofit partners who help make this all possible through grants, donations, and charitable collaborations:

Ezra & Macquarie Group

By supporting Ezra Healthcare, these change-makers provide the fuel for us to drive care forward - getting more patients to essential appointments, empowering bedridden individuals to regain strength after hospitalization, lending caregivers much-needed respite, equipping families with medical tools for rehabilitation and more.


Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Reach out today to learn about open funding needs, partnership opportunities, or how you can get involved in our mission to deliver dignified care.

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